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Dear Friend,

Did you know that approximately 1 out of every 30 people in America is in jail,
on probation, or on parole? Yes… 1 out of 30! WOW… that’s pretty scary stuff!

That means a sizable portion of our population has spent time next to a
hard-core roommate named “Bubba” in a cold, dingy, concrete cell.

If you ask me… it’s especially frightening for us law abiding citizens.
According to that 1 in 30 statistic…we’re pretty  much surrounded by a lot of
“shady “ people! (also known as BGs -Bad Guys)

                           The facts are…thousands and thousands of people
                             in your own community are ex-cons, rapists, scam
                               artists, and violent criminals.

                             The sad fact isyou don’t know who they are!

Wouldn’t it be great if all crooks, perverts, and evil-doers had some type of tattoo
on their foreheads which identified their true nature?

              Easy to identify...
              but definitely not the norm!
So, Now What?

Take a look around my website. Invest in a few products that will protect you and your family. And don’t just buy them and put them on a shelf.

Experiment With Them!  Practice With Them!    Use Them!

Create a few “What if?” scenarios in your head and go through the steps of protecting yourself if a Bad Guy tried to ruin your day!

Remember… No Plan Usually Turns Into The Wrong Plan!


Stay Feisty!
Todd Fernandez
Professor of Protection

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   Todd Knows His Stuff!

I have learned so much about crime prevention and personal security in a very short time. The information you shared on these subjects is invaluable!
                 Thank you!!

-- R. Lopez - Student
Great products at
a great price!
I'll be coming back for more...

     -- Justin
I Can Spot Them Now!
After reading your Free Report I have been able to spot two different customers that were "packing". The good news... they were both cops!
Thanks for your tips!  
-- Debbie
  Jewelry Store Manager            
The reality is... it'll never be this easy.

That's why I created this website. My goal is to expand your knowledge and give you the tools (Pepper Spray, Tasers, Stun Guns, Alarms, Videos) to protect yourself and your family in our violent & very unpredictable world.

The best way for me to teach these topics is to provide regular, fact-filled lessons to your email address.

With your permission, you’ll get one of the finest “street degrees” in America… at absolutely no charge!

How can you argue with that?

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Street Degree Topics:

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* Rape Prevention

* Crime Trends

* Security Tips

* Street Slang

* Counterfeit Money

* How To Recognize Danger

* Wicked Weapons

* Identity Theft

* Safest Cities

*Surveillance Techniques

* Protecting Your Children

and much, much more...

The Professor is a Licensed Private Investigator in the state of California.

   He has been protecting people,   
  property & possessions for nearly
  23 years!

Who Is The Professor?
Member of:

Association of Certified
Fraud Examiners
California Association of
Licensed Investigators
"Arm Yourself
  with Knowledge!"
                         -- The Professor
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